There are two main ways to fund your time at university.

Option 1 -  Student Awards

 You can apply via for

a) Non-Means Tested Grant - £1000 per year

b) Means Tested Bursary

c) Your tuition fees will be paid for you - worth £9000 per year. 

You won't have to pay any of this back if you complete your studies and work in Wales for 2 years after you graduate. 

If you go down the Student Awards route, you will be able to apply for a 'limited' Student Loan via Student Finance Wales. 


Option 2 - Student Loan

You can apply for a 'full' Student Loan via Student Finance Wales.

Once you start earning over a certain threshold, you will have to pay this back, with interest. 

If you wish to use option 2 and get a 'full' student loan, you will need an FRSL Number. 


How to generate an FRSL Number


There are 2 ways to generate an FRSL Number in

1 - Generate an Estimate

You can generate an estimate of how much of the means-tested student bursary you will receive, and if at this point you don't wish to go ahead and apply for the bursary, you can opt-out and obtain your FRSL number. 

Please Note - even if your circumstances dictate that you are not entitled to a student bursary, you will still receive a student Grant (£1000 per year) and your tuition fees will be paid for you. 


2 - Directly from the menu

If you don't wish to generate an estimate, you can opt-out directly from the main menu. 

Navigate to the main menu:


Navigate to 'Opt Out/Student Loan Reference'


Fill out the short form to generate your FRSL number:


Your FRSL number will also be emailed to the email address on your account.